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Month: June 2016

Ep 77 – #OTRonFM with World of Micah + Disney Bloggers Get Documented

Today we open with some remarks about the events of the last week here in Orlando. Then we go to two different #OTRonFM episodes plus we have a never before heard Bigger Picture with Kevin Yee about the 5th gate rumors at WDW.  In the first #OTRonFM interview, we sit down with local YouTube celebrity Micah of World of Micah. He talks about his channel, his personal plunge story and tells us about his days at WDW. Then we have Tony, the director of the brand new Dream Finders documentary. We get the inside scoop on what it was like to walk around WDW with the likes of Lou Mongello, Ron Schneider, Ricky Brigante, Kenny the Pirate and JeniLynn Knopp.



Recording Date: Intro- 06/12/16 | #OTRonFM with Micah 06/03/16 | #OTRonFM with Dream Finders 06/10/16

MusicSong One | Song Two

Important Links


World of Micah

Dream Finders Documentary

Skull Island

Mako Opening

Typhoon Lagoon Expansion news

One Orlando Fund to help our community recover from the Pulse nightclub attack

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SEAS News Wire Ep 2 – Diving In For A Night in Summer (Recorded 5-30-16)

In SEAS News Wire Episode 2 (June 1) the crew talks Kids Bop at Sesame Place, Summer Nights at the various SEAS parks and ride construction at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Andy gives a trip report from BGW’s Food and Wine Event and the guys compare SheiKra to Griffon. It’s a news filled episode with plenty of rabbit trails. In the end everyone agrees on the important things; like the Taco Bell near SeaWorld Orlando is the best Taco Bell.


Recording Date: 5-30-16


BenSound – Ukulele


Show Notes


  • Summer Nights starts 6/24
    • Park staying open until midnight Fridays and Saturdays this year
      • Bad idea given all the rain outs last yr?
  • Cobras Curse Dates/ opening moved
  • Name a sloth vote via Facebook page
    • Lily, which means “majesty and honor”
    • Iris, which means “hope and friendship”
    • Yiscel, which means “beautiful girl” and is in honor of Yiscel Yanguez, the co-founder of APPC (Panamerican Conservation Association), who personally rescues, rehabilitates, and releases sloths as well as other naïve wildlife in Panama.



    • After presumed boat strike, manatee mother-and-calf pair is transported to SeaWorld Orlando for rehabilitation along with an orphaned manatee; health improving after just one week
  • Mako Media Day 6/9
  • Summer Nights returning 6/18
    • Notable absence of Light up the night on show schedule
      • Only noted on one event page of a nighttime shamu spectacular
      • Could there be a new show coming?
        • Why?




  • Discovery Point Opening Pictures
    • Thoughts?
  • Summer Nights Daily 6/11 through 8/14
    • Water Ski Show
    • Kids Area Block Party
    • Light up the night



  • Invadr
    • Update on theme parks and travels
    • Gwazi trains
  • Daily operation
  • Food Wine Festival Starting more in main event:


Main events:


Andy TR from bgw food and wine


Attraction comparison part 1 stats via rcdb


SheiKra vs. Griffon

SheiKra 5/21/2005

Length: 3,188 ft
Height: 200 ft
Inversions: 1
Speed: 70 mph
Duration: 2:20
Max Vertical Angle: 90°
Elements: 200 ft tall Chain Lift Hill
145 ft tall Immelmann
138 ft tall Hill
Splash Effect

Cost: $13,500,000 USD
Trains: 3 cars per train. Riders are arranged 8 across in a single row for a total of 24 riders per train.


Griffon 5/18/2007

Length: 3,108 ft
Height: 205 ft
Inversions: 2
Speed: 71 mph
Duration: 3:00
Max Vertical Angle: 90°
G-Force: 4.0
Elements: 205 ft tall Chain Lift Hill
Hill with a 130 ft drop at 90°
Splash Effect
Capacity: 1,400 riders per hour

$15,600,000 USD
Trains: 3 cars per train. Riders are arranged 10 across in a single row for a total of 30 riders per train.

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Ep 76 – A Gator Wedding and Holy Land Dreams

We have trip reports galore on today’s show. Ken visits the Holy Land Experience, Mr. Brian checks out Animal Kingdom after dark and Jim sees what Legoland Florida has in store for summer. The Punch List includes HUGE news coming out of Fun Spot Kissimmee, an odd story regarding China’s Wanda Group, less booze at Epcot, and fun facts about a serial killer who spent time in downtown Orlando.

During the Main Event, we have a wedding planner stop by the studio to give us details on some of the wildest weddings ever seen in Orlando including one that involved a Joan Rivers lookalike and a live alligator. Dawn of ComeSeeOrlando calls in to give us a live report from MegaCon. Plus, we talk about the odd new bus routes that WDW just rolled out.

All of that and plenty of tacos on today’s Orlando Tourism Report!


Show Notes


Recording Date: Punch List 5-31-16 |#OTRonFM 5-27-16

MusicSong One | Song Two


Punch List


No more margaritas stand at Epcot

Gone Mad Party happening daily at Grand Flo

WDW makes getting to a water park more difficult

Muppets pizzeria at DHS

China’s Warren Buffet (Wand Jialian- he owns Wanda Group) says Disney isn’t ready to compete there, says he has a pack of wolves ready



Raises day of ticket prices

Auditions for two characters (Penolope and Jaques) happening June 6 for Toothsomes

Kong preview on NBC



Old Town/Fun Spot announce partnership

Brevard Zoo offering $5 day on June 3

Tacky Tourist Party at History Center June 9

3 Florida beaches named best in U.S.

Serengeti Overlook restaurant opens at BGT (for other SEAS news make sure to check out the SEAS News Wire)


Trip Reports

Mr Brian – DAK at Night

Jim – WildGravity at Legoland Imagination Zone

Ken – Holy Land Experience Part 1 | Part 2


Other Important Links

Just Marry

Wedding at MegaCon


Nick Ilasi

Tom Morrow’s Mouse


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