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Month: May 2016

Ep 75 – Rockits From The Past

On today’s show we hit 88 MPH and unthaw another one of our Winter Break shows. This one is a New Year’s Eve 2016 Special with Rockit Man. We chat with him as he prepares for it 10,000th ride on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Jake, Robert, Ed, and Ken are joined by Rockit Man and his girlfriend for a chat about all the wild thrill rides in Orlando. Richie ends up on the phone by the end of the interview correcting Ken’s incorrect info regarding ABC. During the Punch List, Ken tries to hide the fact that he’s at work but a loud buzzing gives it away. Gatorland, the Sanford Airport and Old Town are all discussed during the Punch List.

Show Notes


Recording Date: Punch List 5-24-16 |#OTRonFM 12-31-15

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Punch List

Sanford Orlando International Airport gets influx of new development

Grad Night H20 coming to Typhoon Lagoon

Muppets pizza restaurant coming to DHS

Uniq Hotel Orlando gets updated design

Gatorland submits plans for a swamp buggy attraction

Old Town is getting a new Ferris Wheel


Other Important Links


Rockit Man’s 10,000th ride of Rip Ride RockIt

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Ep 74 – ASHes of Zombies and Reality TV

FM content begins at 01:30:00 mark. Ashley Nickell of Restaurant ASH stops by the studio to talk about her time on Hell’s Kitchen, Orlando’s foodie scene and the struggle of helping operate a locally owned restaurant on I-Drive. We talk about eating guinea pigs, meeting Gordon Ramsey and why Orlando has so many reality TV stars. During the Punch List Brian calls in from Disney Springs to give us an on-location report of the newest addition to Orlando’s shopping scene. We also have an on-location interview from I-Drive’s new Zombie Outbreak laser tag experience. Quarterly earnings from the area cruise lines and Disney are discussed. ‘News’ from Busch Gardens, One Daytona and the Brevard Zoo are all discussed as well.

Show Notes


Recording Date: Punch List 5-16-16 |#OTRonFM 5-14-16

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Punch List
Other Important Links

Restaurant ASH

Hell’s Kitchen


SIN Month at Holy Land

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SEAS News Wire Ep 1

In this first episode of the SEAS News Wire Brent, Jim, Andy and Ken cover all the news from SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment including the latest from Cobra’s Curse, Mako, the Seven Seas Food Festival, Abby’s Magic Weekends and more.


Recording Date: 5-12-16


Timeflies – Under the Sea

BenSound – Ukulele


Busch Gardens

Cobra’s Curse

Baby Sloths

SeaWorld Orlando

Mako Updates

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The InvadR & Food & Wine Prep

SeaWorld San Diego

Seven Seas Food Fest

Summer Nights

SeaWorld San Antonio

Discovery Point

Sesame Place

Abby’s Magic Weekends



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Ep 73 – A Hotel Phoenix and Riverboat Nightmares

The Punch List is filled with I-Drive news items including the latest on the sky-high proposal for Artegon. During the Main Event I-Drive hotelier, Micah Bass stops by to talk about the good and the bad of owning I-Drive’s only LGBT hotel and nightclub. News from Disney Springs, SeaWorld and Port Canaveral all comes up. Oh yeah, and showers in the VIP rooms. It’s a wild day on OTR


Date of Recording: Punch List 5/9/16 | #OTRonFM 5/6/16

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Punch List

DHS’s new entrance and interchange

New renderings show how Disney Spring’s Empress Lily (Fulton’s) will look when it reopens as Paddlefish

Chinese trash Shanghai Disneyland before it even officially opens

Shanghai Disneyland’s new TRON coaster looks insane

Wolfgang Puck, Bongos rumored to be leaving Disney Springs after Disney supposedly told them they need new kitchens 

Helipad proposed for Artegon. (One of 3 now proposed or under construction on I-Drive)

Andretti Karting indoor go-cart part of proposed FEC next door to Top Golf on Universal Blvd

Other Important Links

The M Hotel

Revere nightclub


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Ep 72 – Italy and the Big News

We focus on three big announcements at OTR on today’s show before Jake gives trip report from his trip to Italy. Jim gives up the update from the Town Hall meeting at SeaWorld Orlando and Robert talks about the crazy new wedding option at Walt Disney World. Brian also gives us the latest on Kong while Ken and Andy talk about all the news from I-Drive and the area attractions.


Date of Recording: 4/27/16 | 4/25/16

Music: Song 1 | Song 2

Orlando World Center Marriott gets a new GM

Loews Royal Pacific unveils updated hotel rooms

WDW is now offering in-park, daytime weddings at MK for $75K

Wilderness Lodge DVC cabanas now have a likely name and its linked the fish on the menu

Port Canaveral’s The Cove district but on the backburner after developer pulls out

SeaWorld Town Hall

SeaWorld announces new partnership with Guy Harvey

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