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Ep 75 – Rockits From The Past

On today’s show we hit 88 MPH and unthaw another one of our Winter Break shows. This one is a New Year’s Eve 2016 Special with Rockit Man. We chat with him as he prepares for it 10,000th ride on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Jake, Robert, Ed, and Ken are joined by Rockit Man and his girlfriend for a chat about all the wild thrill rides in Orlando. Richie ends up on the phone by the end of the interview correcting Ken’s incorrect info regarding ABC. During the Punch List, Ken tries to hide the fact that he’s at work but a loud buzzing gives it away. Gatorland, the Sanford Airport and Old Town are all discussed during the Punch List.

Show Notes


Recording Date: Punch List 5-24-16 |#OTRonFM 12-31-15

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Punch List

Sanford Orlando International Airport gets influx of new development

Grad Night H20 coming to Typhoon Lagoon

Muppets pizza restaurant coming to DHS

Uniq Hotel Orlando gets updated design

Gatorland submits plans for a swamp buggy attraction

Old Town is getting a new Ferris Wheel


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Rockit Man’s 10,000th ride of Rip Ride RockIt


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