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Month: November 2017

4DX Review- Coco

This is a *mostly* spoiler-free review of Coco in 4DX format. This isn’t designed to a be a review of the movie as much is it’s a review of the 4DX experience for this movie.

Coco is Pixar’s latest blockbuster and for a good reason. The stunningly beautiful film is filled with stories of how family is important, why we should never judge others, and the importance of true friendship. The 4DX does a great job with the wind effects and the motion seats, while minimal, add a nice sense of movement to a few key scenes. As is typical with 4DX the motion seats shine best during the fight scenes. The use of the leg ticklers during these fight scenes added a surprise not typically used during most 4DX fight scenes, and one that I hope is used more during them in the future.

The in-seat air cannons were also used sparingly but helped with the scenes they were in.
Sadly, there was little if any (I didn’t notice any at all) scents used in the film. This seems like such a big missed opportunity for a movie where nearly every scene is filled with flowers. The scenes involving the bridge especially would’ve really been enhanced by scents.

There also seemed to be little to no smoke and snow effects. Again, there are scenes where both of these effects could’ve been used. The bubble effects were used at the very end of the movie, practically as the credits began to roll. This was a fun way to end the film but other scenes, such as the large party scene, could’ve used the bubble effects better.

Overall, the effects used in Coco was great, but they used way to sparingly and many effects were simply just left out. Coco is a must see in 3D, but you can skip the 4DX for this one

-Review Summary-

  • Use of 4DX Effects- 2 out of 4

  • Movie Overall- 4 out of 4

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#OTRatIAAPA #IAE17 Day 5- VR Coasters, Falcon’s Creative Group, and The Gravity Group

The IAAPA Attractions Expo has wrapped up its 2017 run. Ed and Ken discuss what they were most impressed with over the last week. VR industry pioneer Thomas Wagner of VR Coasters discusses their new project with Legoland and what the future of VR attractions in theme parks are. Saham Ali of Falcon’s Creative Group discuss project mapping, how to keep high-tech attractions relevant with age, and how they deal with clients who might not have the biggest budgets. Then the episode wraps up with an interview with Gravity Group co-founder and lead engineer Chad Miller. Miller discusses Mine Blower at Fun Spot, Oscar’s Wild Taxi at Sesame Place, and the role of roller coasters at local parks and FECs.

Recording Time Stamp: 7PM November, 17 2017

Today’s Guests-

Thomas Wagner- Co-Founder and Managing Partner / CEO, VR Coasters GmbH & Co. KG

Saham Ali- Director of Technology, Falcon’s Creative Group

Chad Miller- Engineer and Principal, The Gravity Group

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#OTRatIAAPA #IAE17 Day 4- 4DX, Triotech, and Seth Kubersky reviews all those VR experiences

Seth Kubersky joins Ed and Ken to review the VR on display at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017. Seth and Ken review MediaMation’s new 180-degree motion theater. Seth shares his thoughts on what makes a great VR experience and talks about some of his highlights from this year’s expo.

Recording Time Stamp: 7PM November, 16 2017

Today’s Guests-

Guest Co-Host- Seth Kubersky

Interview Guests-
  • June Hyuk Yu- Sr. Manager, Brand Marketing Team at CJ4Dplex 
  • Christian Martin- VP of Marketing at Triotech
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#OTRatIAAPA #IAE17 Day 3 – Skyline, amaZulu, and Sub Sea Systems

Day 3 of the IAAPA Attractions Expo. With the expo now just halfway done Ken and Kevin and joined by Michael Muldoon to discuss this year’s big trends. The big trend is one that Ken says Skyline Attractions kicked off last year so we grab an interview with Skyline. Then we speak with a local company that’s worked on tons of high profile Central Florida projects including Pandora, Volcano Bay, and Mango’s Orlando. Finally, we discuss the water park trends at this year’s event before wrapping up the show with an interview at the Sub Sea Systems booth where we discuss their brand new underwater theme park ride.

Recording Time Stamp: 7:30PM November 15, 2017

Today’s Guests

Guest Co-Host– Michael Muldoon

Interview Guests-
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OTR at IAAPA #IAE17 The Floor is OPEN! Day 2

With the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017 Trade Show Floor opening this morning we have tons of news to talk about plus interviews with Guy Nelson of Dynamic Attractions, Brian Marrow of SeaWorld, and our first reactions to this year’s event.

Recording Date– 11/14/2017 7:30PM

Today’s Guests

Brian Marrow- VP Theme Park Experience Design, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

Guy Nelson- CEO, Dynamic Attractions


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