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Ep 114 – Jim Deberry of Arihant talks water parks

Jim Deberry, Senior Manager of North America for Arihant Water Park Equipment talks about the future of water parks, the evolution of the industry up to this point, and even shares some details of what to expect at this year’s IAAPA Attractions Expo.

At the end, a few news stories are touched on during the quick hits. Ed and Ken weigh in on the Pirates controversy, a Disney blogger’s shocking news story, and the hot new beach bar headed to Daytona Beach.


Recording Date- June 30, 2017, on WPRK 91.5 Winter Park (10AM-Noon)


Important Links



Arihant Water Park Equipment

Jimmy Buffett’s LandShark Bar & Grill is coming to Daytona Beach

Disney finally scrubs human trafficking from Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Port Canaveral shares more on new terminal, cargo crane update

I-4 Ultimate Landscaping Efforts Kick Off

ABC’s ‘The Chew’ Returns for 22nd Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Oct. 4-6

Trump lawyer’s firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show


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SEAS News Wire Ep 2 – Diving In For A Night in Summer (Recorded 5-30-16)

In SEAS News Wire Episode 2 (June 1) the crew talks Kids Bop at Sesame Place, Summer Nights at the various SEAS parks and ride construction at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Andy gives a trip report from BGW’s Food and Wine Event and the guys compare SheiKra to Griffon. It’s a news filled episode with plenty of rabbit trails. In the end everyone agrees on the important things; like the Taco Bell near SeaWorld Orlando is the best Taco Bell.


Recording Date: 5-30-16


BenSound – Ukulele


Show Notes


  • Summer Nights starts 6/24
    • Park staying open until midnight Fridays and Saturdays this year
      • Bad idea given all the rain outs last yr?
  • Cobras Curse Dates/ opening moved
  • Name a sloth vote via Facebook page
    • Lily, which means “majesty and honor”
    • Iris, which means “hope and friendship”
    • Yiscel, which means “beautiful girl” and is in honor of Yiscel Yanguez, the co-founder of APPC (Panamerican Conservation Association), who personally rescues, rehabilitates, and releases sloths as well as other naïve wildlife in Panama.



    • After presumed boat strike, manatee mother-and-calf pair is transported to SeaWorld Orlando for rehabilitation along with an orphaned manatee; health improving after just one week
  • Mako Media Day 6/9
  • Summer Nights returning 6/18
    • Notable absence of Light up the night on show schedule
      • Only noted on one event page of a nighttime shamu spectacular
      • Could there be a new show coming?
        • Why?




  • Discovery Point Opening Pictures
    • Thoughts?
  • Summer Nights Daily 6/11 through 8/14
    • Water Ski Show
    • Kids Area Block Party
    • Light up the night



  • Invadr
    • Update on theme parks and travels
    • Gwazi trains
  • Daily operation
  • Food Wine Festival Starting more in main event:


Main events:


Andy TR from bgw food and wine


Attraction comparison part 1 stats via rcdb


SheiKra vs. Griffon

SheiKra 5/21/2005

Length: 3,188 ft
Height: 200 ft
Inversions: 1
Speed: 70 mph
Duration: 2:20
Max Vertical Angle: 90°
Elements: 200 ft tall Chain Lift Hill
145 ft tall Immelmann
138 ft tall Hill
Splash Effect

Cost: $13,500,000 USD
Trains: 3 cars per train. Riders are arranged 8 across in a single row for a total of 24 riders per train.


Griffon 5/18/2007

Length: 3,108 ft
Height: 205 ft
Inversions: 2
Speed: 71 mph
Duration: 3:00
Max Vertical Angle: 90°
G-Force: 4.0
Elements: 205 ft tall Chain Lift Hill
Hill with a 130 ft drop at 90°
Splash Effect
Capacity: 1,400 riders per hour

$15,600,000 USD
Trains: 3 cars per train. Riders are arranged 10 across in a single row for a total of 30 riders per train.

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SEAS News Wire Ep 1

In this first episode of the SEAS News Wire Brent, Jim, Andy and Ken cover all the news from SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment including the latest from Cobra’s Curse, Mako, the Seven Seas Food Festival, Abby’s Magic Weekends and more.


Recording Date: 5-12-16


Timeflies – Under the Sea

BenSound – Ukulele


Busch Gardens

Cobra’s Curse

Baby Sloths

SeaWorld Orlando

Mako Updates

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The InvadR & Food & Wine Prep

SeaWorld San Diego

Seven Seas Food Fest

Summer Nights

SeaWorld San Antonio

Discovery Point

Sesame Place

Abby’s Magic Weekends



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Ep 68 – Big Tourism, Local Science

Jeannine of the Orlando Science Center shares details on how this local educational museum stays relevant in one of the most competitive markets for families in the nation. Details are given on updates to events, exhibits and future plans.

During the Punch List Jim and Ken talk about Disney World’s latest hard ticket events, Legoland’s announcements and rules bloggers should follow. The show starts with a rumor regarding Attractions Magazine and ends with an update to Kong.

Note- There is an unusual amount of static in today’s episode.

Show Notes


Recording Dates: Jeannine’s Interview – 3/15/16 | Punch List – 3/25/16

MusicSong One  Song Two  Song Three


Punch List


Epic McDonald’s Grand Opening

iSquare had 2nd hearing

Uniq hotel seeks entitlements

Hawaiian Rumble mini golf demo begins

DRIP has local art night


Around Town

IOA approves 2nd terminal and tram

ASH opening in Mills50, chef de cuisine from Hell’s Kitchen

Legoland has 5 big announcements-

  • Beach Retreat Hotel
  • Ninjago
  • Summer fireworks
  • Waterpark
  • 4D movie



Epcot VP moves to Hong Kong

Haunted Mansion surprise package

Preferred Parking testing at MK, Epcot

Port Orleans gets a pool upgrade

Club Villain extended…again

New Indiana Jones film coming in 2019

Planet Hollywood Observatory renderings



Toothsome Chocolate Factory & Savory Feast Emporium

Rumor- UOR looking at new Xmas entertainment

The Walking Dead coming to USH year-round


Other News

Gambling deal died in Florida Senate (Sun Sentinel’s take on it)

Angry Birds inks deal with Madame Tussauds London

Dinosaur Planet theme park coming to Bangkok


Other Important Links

Fox Fest


Orlando Science Center


Tampa’s MOSI could be moving away from BGT and to downtown | Hillsborough County MOSI move Study

Daytona Beach opened a new art museum in February

South Florida Science Center’s outdoor expansion with mini golf course | PBP’s article on it

Orlando Museum of Art looking to move to downtown

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Ep 67 – SEAS Orca Reactions from Eric Davis, Safari Mike and Erin Sullivan

SeaWorld announced a major change in the brand late last week that includes the ending of the orca breeding program. SeaWorld’s unofficial ambassador Eric Davis calls in to give his take on the news and the fan community’s reaction to the news. Safari Mike stops in to talk about what this decision at SeaWorld means for the aquarium and zoo community. Erin Sullivan, the former Editor of Orlando Weekly and, for a short time, the San Antonio Current. Erin talks about the how the local communities in Orlando and San Antonio reacted to the news. Jim and Andy give their insights into the news including what this means for the nearby SeaLife Aquarium.



SeaWorld’s Orca Announcement


Interview One

Song on Intro

Erin Sullivan

Recorded 3-18-16

Orlando Weekly

San Antonio Current

Orlando Weekly’s Blackfish piece

Song on Outro


Interview Two

Song on Intro

Safari Mike

Recorded 3-19-16

gp’ Everyone

OTR Ep 42 – Safari Mike Hopes For A Train But Not For a Monkey Island

Song on Outro


Interview Three

Eric Davis

Recorded 3-20-16

Awesome Ocean

Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast


OTR – Ep 19 – Interviews with Eric Davis and Frank Torres

Ep 49 – The Big Blue Super Long Whale of Show With Eric Davis

Song on Outro


Final Song



DJ Mo Radio Show

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