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#OTRatIAAPA #IAE17 Day 5- VR Coasters, Falcon’s Creative Group, and The Gravity Group

The IAAPA Attractions Expo has wrapped up its 2017 run. Ed and Ken discuss what they were most impressed with over the last week. VR industry pioneer Thomas Wagner of VR Coasters discusses their new project with Legoland and what the future of VR attractions in theme parks are. Saham Ali of Falcon’s Creative Group discuss project mapping, how to keep high-tech attractions relevant with age, and how they deal with clients who might not have the biggest budgets. Then the episode wraps up with an interview with Gravity Group co-founder and lead engineer Chad Miller. Miller discusses Mine Blower at Fun Spot, Oscar’s Wild Taxi at Sesame Place, and the role of roller coasters at local parks and FECs.

Recording Time Stamp: 7PM November, 17 2017

Today’s Guests-

Thomas Wagner- Co-Founder and Managing Partner / CEO, VR Coasters GmbH & Co. KG

Saham Ali- Director of Technology, Falcon’s Creative Group

Chad Miller- Engineer and Principal, The Gravity Group

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Ep 32 – Rich News of Sharks, Snakes and Giant Apes

Today we play catch up on all the recent news. Richie stops by and surprises everyone by showing excitement over theme park news. Jay talks about Thursday’s BGT announcement and Jake joins the call right before everyone hangs up. Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York and Miami are all mentioned…oh yeah, and Orlando.

Show Info

Recording Date
  • May 24, 2015


Show Notes


Jay’s pics of the AP line

BGT 2016 Project

Dragonfire Grill

SeaWorld’s new coaster



Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Nintendo & Universal

Ken’s shameless plug to his Marvel summary article

UUOP Top 5 Worst Attractions podcast



Tomorrowland’s box office results

Pandora (Avatarland) at DAK visible from surrounding roads now


I-Drive and Surrounding Tourism

Mr Brian in Orlando’s sad trip to I-Drive 360 (Broken exhibits at SEALife One | Views from The Orlando Eye One, Two)

Orlando Eye shuts down and NO ONE was aboard at the time

Megamall now two buildings

Miami Wilds megamall

Water park proposed south of Tampa Bay

Ken- “I wouldn’t be surprised to see a megamall project being a partnership with Universal.”

Spectro Radio

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