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Ep 30 – Summer 2015 Outlook with Banks Lee

On today’s show Banks Lee joins us to discuss the Summer 2015 Outlook. We discuss Legoland, I-Drive 360 and Uncle Lou’s odd Ebay listings. Before Banks joins us Kyle and Ken cover the Punch List with a conversation about area apartments, timeshares and reality shows staring Jackie Siegel.

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Recording Dates
  • Punch List – 4-23-2015
  • Interview – 4-25-2015


Show Notes

 Punch List

Apartments mentioned on today’s show




Other local tourism news

Main Event

Interview with Banks Lee

5 Takeaways from the interview

  1. Even Banks is getting tired of waiting for Universal to announce Kong
  2. Banks likes how SeaWorld responded to the coaster rumors and believes Universal could learn from it
  3. SeaWorld can become more than a sea life attraction if they build the next coaster properly
  4. Gator Spot at Fun Spot might be the breakout attraction this summer
  5. Locals are going to I-Drive, now the attractions there need to respond with annual passes for locals


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