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Ep 35 – HUGE Rumors, Big Fire and Tall Tower

On today’s show we have a full Punch List with a hotel fire, Skyplex gets FAA approval, The Orlando Eye gets evacuated, more bad news at Artegon and rumors say Fun Spot is about to open their checkbook. Then Kyle and Ken share recent trip reports of when they hosted out-of-town guests. Kyle gives details on touring at DHS and DAK with pregnant guests then Ken talks about I-Drive 360, Artegon and Port Canaveral’s Exploration Tower. Richie, Jay, Jake and Griffin throw in their hot takes during The Punch List and everyone leaves hoping the NBC Media Center is just a bad dream.

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Recording Dates- Punch List – July 5, 2015 | Main Event – July 1, 2015

Punch List

Avanti Resort fire

Orlando Eye broke down

Skyscraper at Skyplex gets FAA approval

Fun Spot news

Old Town’s redo

Toby Keith’s at Artegon closes

Chipotle is coming to OIA

Where were the crowds on the 4th at UOR?

NBC Media Center pics

Main Event

Frozen Summer Fun

DAK poop

I-Drive 360

Exploration Tower at Port Canaveral

Florida Beer Company


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