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Ep 51- Ripley’s, Ringling and Skyplex with Jason of Orlando Fun & Food

FM Radio content is 00:06:55 through 01:09:30. In our very first FM episode Jason of Orlando Fun & Food stops by to talk Skyplex, Ringling, plastic annual passes at Universal, and more. During the trends report Jake talks about Back To The Future Day, a baby rhino and the dismantling of The Hulk coaster.  In the after show Jay, Ken and Robert get into an in-depth debate about steel coasters in Orlando, self driving cars and what causes empty shopping malls.

Show Notes




Robert of Mickey Updates


Events and Disney Correspondents-Lissa and Nicki

Online Trends Correspondent-Jake of Orlando Park Pass

Hotel Correspondent-Kyle

Touring Shows and Media Correspondent- Richie

Special Guest- Jason of Orlando Fun & Food

Recording Date: 10-19-15

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News of The Week

iSquare helipad, updated design gets City of Orlando MPB approval 

The Coop gets MasterChef Season 1 winner Whitney Miller at Chef de Cuisine 

Water Buffalo go to DAK

OCSC announces new pro Women’s team (Orlando Pride)

USH adds more dates for HHN, will Orlando follow?

Disney Channel orders more Descendents– will we see any Descendents in the parks?

Skyplex- Will BoC approve it?

Artegon sells Cinemark land, other nearby land– Will it survive?

Ringling adds no new show in 2016, Gold tour closes (Red, Blue shows remain) 

Ripley’s BION This Week

Trends of the Week


Other things we referenced this week

Ripley’s attractions in Gatlinburg

Red Trolleys of St Augustine

Miracle City Mall in Titusville

Warehouse Row in Chattanooga

Baron 1898

Heathrow 5 PRT

Lymmo BRT in Downtown Orlando


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