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Ep 63 – Cuba and the Ratón

With breaking news from the Department of Transportation Cuba is the lead story today. Cost cutting at Disney World also takes a big part of the show. Details on new rides across SEAS parks is also discussed. The show is a short one but there’s still plenty to discuss. Please note that the show was recorded before the leadership shakeup at SEAS and before the Disneyland 60th Special where we learned new Star Wars land details.

Show Notes


Date of Recording: 2/17/2016

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  1. Adventures By Disney announces new U.S. tours including non-Disney Florida ones (Cape Canaveral, airboat tours, etc.)
  2. Cutbacks across WDW and DL as Shanghai costs soar (characters at Epcot, operating hours, etc.)
  3. Club Villain returns to DHS with higher cost tickets
  4. SEAS unveils ride vehicles for Mako, gives more details on the new ride
  5. New SWSD rides announced
  6. Cobra’s Curse details announced
  7. Dept of Transportation announces approval of up to 110 daily flights from U.S. to Cuba
  8. Disney extends Star Wars fireworks at DHS


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