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OTR – Ep 14 – Kyle Phones in Halloween

On today’s episode Bob, Ken and Viktor continue their Halloween conversation with Kyle joining the conversation for this Part 2 of all things Halloween. The guys also talk special events at Busch Gardens, IP vs Non-IP houses, launch vs drop towers and cell coverage in Orlando theme parks. It’s a grab-bag of topics that includes Ken talking malls, Bob and Viktor talking BGT while Kyle talks about drive-thru safari parks.

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Bob from Pixels at the Parks
Ken Storey
Viktor from The BGT Buzz
Kyle (Our host and reporter live on I-Drive)


Episode Producer- Bob
Recorded- Sept 17, 2014

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Ken Storey has been blogging about life in Central Florida for the past 12 years. As a 2nd generation Central Floridian he has a passion for and connection with the region. In his spare time he enjoys visiting low budget roadside attractions, Taco Bell, and typically plans road trips with as little interstate time as possible.

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