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Ep 49 – The Big Blue Super Long Whale of Show With Eric Davis

SeaWorld is the focus of today’s main event when Eric Davis stops in to talk about the recent ruling from the California Coastal Commission that might mean an end to breeding in SeaWorld’s original park. The future of the company, orcas in captivity, that bizarre social media day earlier this year and more discussed in the firework filled conversation.

During the Punch List Robert and Ken talk about the recent monorail breakdown at WDW, the abrupt closure of the CSI exhibit, new hotels proposed for 192, OSHA’s rulings on the WDW Speedway accident, and that 400 acres that’s about to go up for sale. Southern cooking, Pitbull, Ferrari World, and I-4’s newest exit ramp are all worked into the conversation.

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Recording Date: 10-12-15

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Punch List

  1. Monorail breaks down at WDW
  2. CSI, 7220 abruptly shuts down
  3. Jungleland might reopen
  4. 3 Hotels proposed for Osceola Heritage Sq
  5. Legoland movie attraction
  6. OSHA fines Petty Holdings $7,000, cites them in WDW speedway death
  7. I-4 exit ramp to Disney Springs opens
  8. New Chocolate shop coming to Disney Springs
  9. Chef Art Smith opening Florida themed restaurant at Disney Springs
  10. Club Disney dance party coming to DHS
  11. Disney announces Port Canaveral as home port for 3 ships in 2017
  12. Holland Cruises announces new make your own wine program aboard cruises from Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale
  13. Pitbull named Norwegian Escape’s ‘godfather’
  14. Blackjack agreement about to expire
  15. Over 400 acres in tourist district is going up to auction
  16. More details emerge regarding the I-Drive Marriott golf course near SWO
    • Residential portion include 260 single family homes, 176 townhomes and 700 apartment homes.
    • 423 single family homes/townhomes approved on Oct 8
  17. UOR confirms Hulk refurb will be done by B&M
  18. HHN Orl expands Scareactor dining experience
  19. iSq site work begins, their Twitter becomes active

Things We Loved This Week

Not Mentioned But Still Loved-


Oct 9-31- Underground Vampire Bar at DRIP

Oct 17- African Penguin Awareness Day at BGT

Oct 17- Brian Miser (The Human Fuse) will be fired from bar to bar in a cannon in downtown Orlando to promote Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast Bar Crawl (at Wall St Plaza)

Oct 17- Orlando Creative City Project

Oct 24- Cows ‘n Cabs in Winter Park

Oct 30-31- Swan & Dolphin Food & Wine Classic

Nov 13-15 Winter Park Concours d’Elegance

Nov 14-22 Festival of the Trees at OMA (tickets on sale now)

Nov 20-22- Latin Baseball Festival at WWOS

Dec 5, 12, 19, 26 Barista Bootcamp at the 4 Seasons Orlando


Main Event

Behind The Thrills – CCC bans breeding at San Diego, what’s next?

SeaWorld announces new position for Matt Rearden (former VP of Business Affairs) as Sr Business Development Officer

SEAS disappeared from the Fla Dept of Education website briefly

Journey to Atlantis Texas

Blue World ProjectOBJ

Awesome Ocean

Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast

SeaWorld Erin Sea McKinney

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SideChat 9 – Yo-Yos of the High Class

Uh oh, Ken and Lissa go at it today when the discussion turns to what demographic Disney is currently targeting.  Change is coming but who will it be for? Downtown Disney, Ferrari World and Disneyland60 are brought up in this Uni vs. Disney fight. Jake tries to break up the fighting by talking CityWalk but Lissa and Ken see right through it. They continue their discussion on who Disney is going after by talking acts at Food & Wine, Legoland Hotel pricing and who really shops at Sunglass Hut. In the end in classic sitcom style everyone still loves each other and the show ends with Jay, Jake, Lissa and Ken all jumping into the air High-Fiving each other while jamming out.

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Recording Dates
  • March 28, 2015

Show Notes

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