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SideChat 9 – Yo-Yos of the High Class

Uh oh, Ken and Lissa go at it today when the discussion turns to what demographic Disney is currently targeting.  Change is coming but who will it be for? Downtown Disney, Ferrari World and Disneyland60 are brought up in this Uni vs. Disney fight. Jake tries to break up the fighting by talking CityWalk but Lissa and Ken see right through it. They continue their discussion on who Disney is going after by talking acts at Food & Wine, Legoland Hotel pricing and who really shops at Sunglass Hut. In the end in classic sitcom style everyone still loves each other and the show ends with Jay, Jake, Lissa and Ken all jumping into the air High-Fiving each other while jamming out.

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  • March 28, 2015

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Ken Storey has been blogging about life in Central Florida for the past 12 years. As a 2nd generation Central Floridian he has a passion for and connection with the region. In his spare time he enjoys visiting low budget roadside attractions, Taco Bell, and typically plans road trips with as little interstate time as possible.

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