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5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Denise of

We recently were able to grab a few minutes with Denise of Mouse Steps. She gave us some insights into where she sees Orlando evolving and what the future of Disney World will be. If you’re unfamiliar Mouse Steps is a one stop shop for all things Disney related. From movie reviews to walking trails at the World Mouse Steps is the perfect site. They also feature the very latest in Disney World news; including ride closures and restaurant reviews.

OTR- What should the theme be for Universal Orlando’s next resort?

D@MS- I would personally like to see character themed suites for a full resort, like the higher end Minion Suites. For anyone who hasn’t seen them, there is one room that is elegant, and then a very nicely themed bedroom for kids (or kids at heart).

OTR- What do you see as being the likely next big construction project coming to Magic Kingdom? 

D@MS- I would be surprised to see any big construction coming to the Magic Kingdom anytime soon. Between Downtown Disney (Disney Springs), Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park and hopefully a makeover at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I think Disney has a pretty full plate. I would rather see Epcot get a few new countries or attractions. The Magic Kingdom just went through several years of changing Fantasyland, so I just don’t see anything big happening now.

OTR- What will Future World be in 15 years?

D@MS- I don’t expect Future World to change that much in 15 years. It would be nice to have a makeover for Universe of Energy, and to have Wonders of Life open all year round with attractions. The Imagination pavilion could use a massive overhaul too.

OTR- What is the next step for Central Florida’s sports tourism industry

D@MS- I would like to see a major league baseball team for Orlando.

OTR- Short and sweet! I like that. And one last question here.What is one non-touristy thing that everyone who visits Orlando should see or do?

D@MS- We have a lot of semi-touristy things to do here. Lakeridge Winery in Clermont would be one. There are a ton of restaurants and some things to do in the Winter Park area. Kings Bowl on I-Drive is fun and has great food. There is always something to do here, in or out of the theme parks.


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