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Ep 28 – Floating Cars Get Across The Pond

First up today is a Punch List with Jay and Lissa plus we’re joined by Jake who is taking the Caption E.O. news pretty hard. After a touchy exchange between Ken and Lissa regarding Disney Jay brings up some UOR news.

Then for the Main Event today we have Part 2 of the interview with Simon and Susan of Veness Travel Media (Part 1 was posted March 16). They give their unique insights into the local British tourism trends and weigh in on all the news including Star Trek attractions, Star Wars and where SeaWorld goes from here.

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  • Punch List- March 28, 2015
  • Interview with Simon and Susan- March 5, 2015


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Punch List



Legoland Florida

  • Lego Friends announced as final room theme of LLF Hotel. Is it smart to focus so heavy on a gender specific brand


Part 2 of the interview with Veness Travel Media (Part 1 is here)

5 Takeaways from the Interview

  1. Paramount is bringing an ‘American style’ park to U.K. and it will be interesting to watch how its received.
  2. Simon and Susan think gaming will be a bad mix for Orlando
  3. Tampa, Daytona and Miami have the adults covered, Simon and Susan think Orlando should be family focused
  4. SeaWorld does a great job of conservation but they could do more to focus on it
  5. 192 may have to give up on tourism as the main draw for certain segments of the road, but not the entire road.


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