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Ep 40 – No Flakka’n Around With BriMan of Orlando United

Today we are joined by BriMan of Orlando United for a discussion on the past, present and future of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. Miami’s new megamall, Mango’s and Columbian burgers are brought up in this fun chat. During the punch list we talk about those shocking Q2 results from SEAS, updates to Magic Kingdom, Zagat’s latest Orlando rankings and a new museum opening in town devoted to pencils. In the pre-Punch List chat Ken reviews Taste of the Nation 2015 while Lissa tells of some bad service she recently received at DHS. Ken admits to disliking Kickstarter while Jay admits to not listening to the show.

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Song 1 (Punch List)

Song 2 (Main Event and Show Closing)

Song 3 (Main Event Closing)

Recording Dates- Punch List- Aug 9, 2015 | The Main Event- Aug 5, 2015

The Punch List

Taste of the Nation- SeaWorld | Universal

SEAS Q2 numbers (84.5% drop in profit) Joel Manby announces news on Nov 6 (International expansion details are expected then)

Disney Q3 Numbers

The Guardian reports new details on the Russian belugas that NOAA blocked The Georgia Aquariuam getting. Some of those would be headed to SeaWorld too.

BTMR getting updates

Duffy Meet and Greet closing at Epcot

New homes announced for Golden Oak. Prices start at $5 Million.

Zagat releases Best of Orlando restaurant list. Cress beats V&A, Capa at 4 Seasons ‘noteworthy’ but not on ranked list.

New restaurant announced for downtown by what Scott Joseph calls a ‘Dream Team’

Casey Anthony celebrated there after her ‘victory’

New friendly match announced for Citrus Bowl. Richard at OBJ asked ‘Can Orlando be Mexico’s favorite soccer city?’

OIA area Holiday Inn sells for $14 Million. JHM Hotels bought it.

Leogland Florida’s Legoland Dollars now listed on Travelex Currency Exchange Boards. The first time any theme park has had its internal currency listed on an outside exchange

Dixon opens new pencil museum in Lake Mary (free but reservations required)

The Main Event

Orlando United

HHN Forums on OU

USJ Night Parade

Ken is hiding in this questionable ATL IG post

Miami Wilds

Miami Megamall

Junior’s Columbian Burgers

Upcoming Events and Closing Remarks

The 21st Annual Harvest Grape Stomp is Aug 15 at Lake Ridge Winery

Florida Kids and Family Expo – August 29-30

O-Town Mac Down for GKTW – Sept 12

Walt Disney’s hometown launches a Kickstarter to build a replica of its Autopia (based on one Walt gave them in 1966) in the middle of the town.

Fulton’s Crabhouse at Disney Springs offering kids cooking classes 


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