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OTR at IAAPA IAE 2015 Day 3 – Dynamic Attractions, VR Coasters & Bill Kitchen

Today’s IAE Review highlights from our OTR on FM radio show. Today on the radio, we had Robert live from the International Attractions Expo. A few different guests stopped by to chat with us live on the radio. Thomas Wagner of VR Coasters, the minds behind incredible Oculus Rift experience at Fun Spot’s Freedom Flyer, stops in to discuss the role of virtual reality in theme parks. Then we have Guy Nelson, the CEO of Dynamic Attractions, discuss the role of Dynamic Attractions in the rapid growth of amusement parks in Asia. Nelson also chats about the future of Orlando and gives details on the future of the new Dynamic Attractions Amusement Development Center in Orlando. We close out the radio show with a unique phone call from Bill Kitchen, the inventor of the Polercoaster and Skycoaster, where he discusses the latest in the fight between Skyplex and Universal.

Beavertails, inflatables and Fun Spot are all also discussed during today’s show as well.

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Date of Recording: Nov 19, 2015


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