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OTR – Ep 25 – Unofficial Tours and Thoughts With Bob Sehlinger

Today we have Bob Sehlinger, Founder of The Unofficial Guides. He discusses the history of Unofficial Guides and Touring Plans, his thoughts on current events in Central Florida’s tourism industry and the future of Unofficial Guides. Along the way interesting tidbits related to Disney World, South Florida, Busch Gardens and Len Testa are all brought up.

Show Info

Interview with Bob Sehlinger

Recorded Feb 19, 2014

Show Notes

The Unofficial Guides

Time Dependent Traveling Salesman Problem

Len Testa’s Twitter

Bob- “We basically write for Type A personalities.”

Touring Plans

Ken Recommends – The Touring Plans Lines App

WDW Today Touring Plans restaurant review episode

Ken Recommends – Couchsurfing

History of Disney Price Increases

Michael Moore vs Charlton Heston

Derek Burgan’s DAK Full Day Park post

New Avatar at DAK info

British vacation time entitlements

Rasulo stated hotel future plans, not Iger like Ken stated.

Chalet Suzanne closed

Clearwater Aquarium expansion plans

Unofficial Guides on Twitter | Facebook


::The Unofficial Guide Author Events::

Both events are free of charge

Celebration Writers Group: Special Author Visit

  • Monday, March 9 at 7 p.m.
  • Bob Sehlinger, Laurel Stewart, Len Testa, Seth Kubersky and Lilane Opsomer.
  • Hosted by Celebration Writers Group
  • Enjoy details on the business of publishing.

Wonderful World of Disney Authors

  • Wednesday, March 11 at 7 PM
  • Bob Sehlinger, Laurel Stewart, Seth Kubersky and Liliane Opsomer
  • The focus of this event will be Disney stories and their inside scoops on writing the successful series.


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