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OTR – Episode 7 – As the Wheel Turns

In this week’s episode the guys cover I-Drive 360, covering all of what has been said about this long-planned development anchored by The Orlando Eye observation wheel. After talking about the new skeletons museum that was recently announced the crew get into the other attractions for the complex. Mango’s, the pedestrian bridge over Sand Lake Road, some chatter about McDonald’s are included. Then the crew talks about Skyscraper at Skyplex, the new Polercoaster complex proposed for I-Drive.

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Ken Storey
Bob from Pixels at the Parks
Kyle Gary and Richie

Show Notes

  • Intro Song
  • Follow the name changes: I-Drive Live -> The Orlando Eye complex -> I-Drive 360



Ken Storey has been blogging about life in Central Florida for the past 12 years. As a 2nd generation Central Floridian he has a passion for and connection with the region. In his spare time he enjoys visiting low budget roadside attractions, Taco Bell, and typically plans road trips with as little interstate time as possible.

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