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Is the Wanda Group Interested in Buying SEAS?

The Orlando Tourism Report now believes that The Wanda Group from China are interested in a new partnership with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. The Wanda Group, backed by the richest man in mainland China, has previously expressed interest in American entertainment companies.

Wanda looks to be currently building SeaWorld style parks in China with an Aquatica style park currently under construction.  SEAS has struggled recently with slipping attendance and there has been much speculation that Blackstone was looking to sell their shares of the company.

OTR has also learned that an official announcement from SeaWorld is being planned very soon.

We have contacted SeaWorld PR requesting a statement regarding their future and Comcast; as of now there has been no response back.

For the entire run down of the WandaSeaWorld partnership make sure to check out the newest episode of The Orlando Tourism Report.  For the entire list of documents and news articles mentioned on the podcast make sure to


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