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Ep 33 – May’s Big Rewind with Epcod, Elvenage and Sir Owen Disney

After a whirlwind month of announcements and news we gather some theme parks fan to break it all down. Sir Owen Disney, Epcod and Elvenage join Jake, Richie and Ken to discuss their takes on all of this past month’s news. The future of SeaWorld, the chances of Skyplex actually ever happening and the role of Value Resorts at the modern Walt Disney Role all come up. Hot takes on the latest news, reviews of Tomorrowland, gambling’s impact on Florida, and a lot more in the news round-up episode.


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Special Guests
Recording Date
  • May 30, 2015


Show Notes

News Round-Up from May
I-Drive and Surrounding Area-


Additional Notes

Wisconsin Dells- Noah’s Ark Water Park (with non-tube rides)

Ken’s M&M Star Wars treats

Camden Park

Darien Lake

Little Amerricka in Wisconsin

Epcod’s Tomorrowland rampage One | Two | Three | Four | Five

OTR’s tweet regarding Volcano Bay stucco work

Mr Brian in Orlando’s sad trip to I-Drive 360 (Broken exhibits at SEALife One | Views from The Orlando Eye One, Two)

Ken Recommends- Tin Roof at I-Drive 360

Florida Citrus Tower

Jack Recommends- #OrlandoEye on Instagram

#AskSeaWorld’s utter failure on Twitter

Sir Owen Disney Recommends- Christmas at SeaWorld


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