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Ep 67 – SEAS Orca Reactions from Eric Davis, Safari Mike and Erin Sullivan

SeaWorld announced a major change in the brand late last week that includes the ending of the orca breeding program. SeaWorld’s unofficial ambassador Eric Davis calls in to give his take on the news and the fan community’s reaction to the news. Safari Mike stops in to talk about what this decision at SeaWorld means for the aquarium and zoo community. Erin Sullivan, the former Editor of Orlando Weekly and, for a short time, the San Antonio Current. Erin talks about the how the local communities in Orlando and San Antonio reacted to the news. Jim and Andy give their insights into the news including what this means for the nearby SeaLife Aquarium.



SeaWorld’s Orca Announcement


Interview One

Song on Intro

Erin Sullivan

Recorded 3-18-16

Orlando Weekly

San Antonio Current

Orlando Weekly’s Blackfish piece

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Interview Two

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Safari Mike

Recorded 3-19-16

gp’ Everyone

OTR Ep 42 – Safari Mike Hopes For A Train But Not For a Monkey Island

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Interview Three

Eric Davis

Recorded 3-20-16

Awesome Ocean

Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast


OTR – Ep 19 – Interviews with Eric Davis and Frank Torres

Ep 49 – The Big Blue Super Long Whale of Show With Eric Davis

Song on Outro


Final Song



DJ Mo Radio Show


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