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OTR at IAAPA IAE 2015 Day 1 – Falcon’s Creative Group & Oceaneering

Interviews with Falcons Creative Group and Oceaneering + Analysis from all of the day’s news. Ken reviews the food, Jay talks about Cobra’s Curse and Robert shares what was shared the most on Twitter from Day 1 of the IAAPA International Attractions Expo 2015.

Show Notes


Date of Recording: Nov 17, 2015


Song 1


VR coaster at Fun Spot

Lightening Rod Press Conference– VR Google Cardboard,

Goddard Group’s Cirque park

Cloud Coaster – Extreme Engineering

Cobras Curse full layout– no dark ride scenes

Dynamic Attractions– Opening attractions development center in Orlando

Funnel Sticks

Edible Dough

Polercoaster– Nashville, Myrtle Beach. $50 Million, half the size

Holy Land putt putt

Triotech/Legoland Press Conference

The Giant announces launch

Big Things on the floor this year-


Photos- 360, booths,


Interview 1 – Falcons Creative Group

Interview 2 – Oceaneering



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