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OTR – Ep 21 – The Epic Incredible Unforgettable Monumental End of the Year Roundup with Derek Burgan and Richie

The eggnog was flowing on today’s episode! Kyle and Ken are joined by Derek Burgan and Richie for a review of the year’s news. Ken shares the Top 5 tourism stories of the year for Central Florida Top 5. The guys then talk I-Drive, the ongoing issues with SeaWorld, Richie goes off on how Disney is going to beat Universal with Star Wars (and everyone else seems to disagree). Kyle then starts a feud with Derek over the hot topic of on-site vs off-site hotels.  Richie keeps talking about The Interview, Ken gets Unofficial Guides and Touring Plans mixed up and Kyle apologizes to Parkscope.

*Today’s episode features some more colorful language than usual. It might be wise to listen when the kiddies aren’t around.*


Episode Information

  • Recorded- Sunday, 21, 2014
  • Episode Producer- Ken Storey

 Show Notes

Richie’s goodbye show

The Interview

Ken’s Top 5 Lists

  1. Diagon Alley
  2. SEAS
  3. Ride Delays everywhere
  4. The Rising of The Orlando Eye
  5. Skyscraper at Skyplex announcement


(Avatar Details from Nov 4, 2013 actually got more hits in 2014 than the DHS post)

OTR Ep 6 DHS Blue Sky | Star Wars SideChat

Mango’s Tropical Café

Skyplex gets more land (from Pirates) – Claims Skyplex is $250 Million complete

And it buys the Perkins (plus 7 others) from GE

Brazilian sushi chain, Naru, announces expansion into US with location at I-Drive 360

The Park Blogger with Derek

Orlando Eye’s outer wheel is all done

How to Spot Venus

The Orlando Eye has interactive binoculars?

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle

Merlin Entertainment

Apply Pay at Amway Center

Orlando’s pedicabs

High-end headphones, Sound Lion, coming to DTD

High-end steakhouse, STK, coming to DTD

Chuck E. Cheese

Cici’s Pizza

SWO BOGO tickets

UUOP Greg’s Gringott’s experience

Ken admits he hasn’t been to WDW since Mine Train opened!

UOR Resorts

Boardwalk & Baseball

Jaws 3

Anchorman 2

Ken- “There are already rumors of 2 other theme parks coming to Orlando.”

One of them is Grand Southern Studios

OTR’s 1st episode

A’Lure, the Call of the Ocean

Howl-O-Scream 2015 Dates

Richie Recommends- SEAS partnering with James Cameron

Turtle: The Incredible Journey

OTR Ubertanks

Derek Recommends – SEAS buying the rights to TMNT

Explorer’s Reef

SEAS 50th Anniversary

Blue World Project


Turtle Trek

Journey to Atlantis

Ratatouille POV ride through video

Mystic Manor POV ride through video

DCA Little Mermaid blacklight update

Ken Recommends- SEAS buying the IP rights to Titanic

Bob Iger Talks Star Wars & Pandora

Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim

D23 2015

Disney Parks Blog posts new details and renderings of the Poly

Tusker House gets character meal

Repeat vs First-timer visitor in Orlando satisfaction study

NFL’s Play 60

Derek Recommends – Mist areas at DAK

New baby gorilla at BGT

Richie’s Favorite OTR of the year – Ep 8 – The Ken and Richie Fight

Derek’s Favorite OTR of the year – Ep 9 – Wanda

Ken’s Favorite OTR of the year – IAAPA coverage DAY ONE | DAY TWO | DAY THREE | DAY FOUR

Kyle’s Favorite OTR of the year – Episode 1 or Sam Gennawey Interview

Then Kyle apologizes to Parkscope, Derek accepts the apology on their behalf

Derek then reviews HHN vs HOS vs MNSSHP

HOS’s Fiends show at 2014

Derek’s review of HOS – “Golden Oak treatment for All Star prices.”

Zombie Containment Unit 15 at HOS POV

Ken Recommends – Legend’s A Haunting at Old Town

RIP Peabody Ducks

Derek Recommends – Check out deals at timeshare properties when staying offsite

Ken – “Pop Century is nice. It’s hideously ugly but it’s nice.”

Richie Recommends- Derek’s Parkscope episode

Contemporary Resort

B Resort & Spa

SeaWorld Mommy’s tweet of Blue Mist, SWO’s new Shark Drink

Ken announces Central Florida Top 5 will have a Top 6 for their 6th Anniversary

Derek Burgan’s Internet Empire – Touring Plans | Pardon the Pixie Dust | E-Ticket Report

The Unofficial Guides

Touring Plans



Ken Storey has been blogging about life in Central Florida for the past 12 years. As a 2nd generation Central Floridian he has a passion for and connection with the region. In his spare time he enjoys visiting low budget roadside attractions, Taco Bell, and typically plans road trips with as little interstate time as possible.

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