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OTR – SideChat 6 – Blame Eisner, Yearn For Eisner

This time of year is always a good time to look back at where we’ve come from. Today OTR does just that with Sam Gennawey sharing details on the history of Universal Orlando.

On today’s SideChat Sam Gennawey talks about the history of Universal Studios Florida that he included in his new book and why Islands of Adventure looks the way it does. Kyle asks about Michael Eisner’s impact on Universal Studios while Ken keeps sharing memories of his childhood. After the parks are covered the three turn to CityWalk vs Downtown Disney where Sam’s expectations of Disney Springs might surprise. Urban design is brought up some more and they talk about the amazing new parking garage at Disney Springs.

Today’s SideChat is pulled from the larger conversation taped on Dec 16. Check out the rest of the conversation in Ep 20 – Gennaweys Takeaway.

Show Info

  • Recorded- Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014

Show Notes

Opening Audio One | Two

Sam Gennawey’s Books

Michael Eisner

Lew Wasserman

Jay Stein

Steve Burke

IOA Preview Center Video

Disney Springs on WDW Magic

Disney Springs Parking Garage video tour

Gennawey’s believes Disney Springs will fail due to a lack of density, design and diversity.

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