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OTR – Ep 20 – Gennaweys Takeaway

On today’s special episode Kyle and Ken are joined by theme park historian and urban planner Sam Gennawey. He talks about his latest book. Then the guys geek out some chatting about urban planning at Disney World and around Central Florida. Sam tells some interesting stories that he uncovered while researching his books and gives his opinion on some local urban design topics including Celebration, Downtown Orlando’s renaissance and what he thinks it will take to make Downtown Disney a true success.  Ken keeps bringing up the fact that Disney World lacks any true non-bus, comprehensive transit system. Sam talks about how Universal took as much market share as they did and where he thinks the parks will go from here. The Punch List is shortened this week but still includes Ken and Kyle discussing Meg Crofton’s retirement announcement, WestGate’s new steak house plus the SunRail announcement to run a late night train.

Show Info

  • Recorded- Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014
  • Episode Producer- Ken Storey

Show Notes

Opening Audio

Crofton Announces Retirement

WestGate bringing to Utah concepts to Turkey Lake– Edge Steakhouse and Drafts Sports Bar

SunRail to test late night train

  • Beginning Dec. 22. Debary (9:05) SB to SLR (10:08) then SLR (10:20) NB to Debary (11:23)

Sam’s Books

Ken Recommends- Parkscope Episode 3.15

Reedy Creek Improvement District

Sam’s article on Reedy Creek

Garner Holt Productions

Peter Alexander

Do you miss Nick? Join the Re-Open Nickelodeon Studios Facebook Fan Page

E.T. at USH

OCHM’s Universal Backstage exhibit

Sam’s article on the Hollywood Tram Tour’s 50th Anniversary

UOR’s Sapphire Falls Resort

Ken’s Twitter conversation with Dutch about transit at WDW

Yesterland’s article on I-4’s failed HSR project

For more on Berry Upson check out these great interviews he did with Real Virtuality

Comparison of BGT vs LRT

Disney tested electric buses in 2013

Millennials in Motion Transit Report

Ken plugs

CNU’s definition of New Urbanism

Orlando Sentinel’s coverage of the Celebration housing lottery

Sam Recommends- Market Street Cafe (It’s also one of Ken’s favorite diners!)

Ken Recommends- Celebration, U.S.A.: Living in Disney’s Brave New Town

I-Drive 360

Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Disney World cuts back on EMHs

4 Seasons WDW


Buddy Dyer | Teresa Jacobs

Creative Village

Floridians for Better Transportation

OTR’s episode with John Stine from Unicorp

Guide to Walking on the Vegas Strip

Kyle Recommends- Orlando EDC’s new campaign | Video

Average vacation lengths comparisons of industrialized nations

Sam- “The battle now for them (Walt Disney World) is to keep what they can have. I don’t its to expand market share any more. I think that horse has left that barn. They’re always going to have less in the way of market share.”

All Aboard Florida

OBJ’s Maglev coverage

Cabana Bay

WonderSea Island rumors

More hotel rooms planned for UOR-

  • “We love the Theme Park business. We think there’s a real opportunity to increase the pace of new attractions. We have far too few hotel rooms in Orlando and the one thing we know, when people stay in our hotels, they stay – they visit our parks an extra day or two – and so we have 2,400 hotel rooms. We think we have room and capacity for 10,000 hotel rooms. So you’ll see us add attractions at a more rapid rate, add hotel rooms at a more rapid rate, and we think the returns in that business are great and there’s great running room.”
  • “In terms of hotels, we have 2,400 rooms now. We’ll open another 1,800 rooms with our partner Loews next spring in advance of Harry Potter and I think you’ll see us open hotels. We’ve done a study that says that we could have as many as 10,000 or 15,000 hotel rooms and still have occupancy that makes those rooms profitable. And all of the people staying in those hotels would be more likely to go to our theme parks. So, I think strategically we need to get those hotel rooms open and build out the resort, but I think about a $500 million annual capital spend is necessary to increase our growth rate and keep that business moving.” –Steve Burke in the BOA/Merrill Lynch Investors Conference. Sept 11, 2013

Sam Gennawey’s Facebook Page

Closing Audio Song | Vocals



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