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Ep 123- Wallack World Rises, SeaWorld Sinks, and Universal Goes All In

In this news round-up from one of the most eventful fall seasons Orlando has seen in years we talk about those awful new attendance numbers coming out of SeaWorld, we review Mango’s new menu and talk Skyplex, we cover all the new hotels and attractions heading to Disney, and try to read the tea leaves on what the future holds for Universal Orlando.

Recording Date- November 7, 2017

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Ep 54 – Joshua Wallack Talks Mangos, Skyplex and More

Today we have a special interview with Joshua Wallack, the visionary behind Skyplex and Mango’s Orlando. He sits down with us to talk about the struggle to build Skyplex, the benefits to the community, the new parking garage plaza, and Mango’s (which will be the largest Latin club in the U.S.).

During a shortened Punch List Jay, Jake and Ken talk Universal, I-Drive and Mummies.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow through Friday for the latest IAAPA coverage.

Show Notes


Recording Date: FM- 11-12-15 | Punch List 11-15-15



Trends With Jake
  1. Trackers take a break after creepy message includes their private info
  2. Theme Park Review Robb mocks runDisney fans, twitter goes nuts (mention the OTR twitter poll)
  • He later on sneaks’ beer bottles onto Rockin Roller Coaster
  1. An Epcot guest gets drunk, scales the Mexican pyramid
  2. The mainstream media tries to cover SEAS, gets its comically incorrect
Punch List

Mummies of the World exhibit at Orlando Science closing end of November

Rosen Shingle Creek announces 640 rooms, other new expansions

Beetlejuice at USF confirmed for Dec 3 permanent closure

UOR confirms parking for Volcano Bay will be in existing garages, guests will be shuttled to the water park

Pets attraction coming to UOR?

Legoland Florida may soon be within the city limits if Winter Haven has its way

Ken thinks the SeaWorld Rescue ride is coming to Key West at SWO

B Resort rebrands American Q restaurant

Disney focused men’s clothing boutique Twenty Eight & Main opens at Disney Spring’s Marketplace Co-Op

Famed Disney imaginer Marty Sklar stopping by Disney Spring/DHS Nov 17, 18 for a book signing

DHS’s Jedi Training gets updates, new characters

Main Event


Mango’s Hollywood parking garage gets the green light after 2 year feud with nearby Golden Corral owner

WARNING- Static occurs 01:37:30 – 01:45:00 but still listen because it’s very good insights!



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Ep 45 – Cali VIPs

Today we have a full house as all but two of the regular hosts join us in a Punch List full of rabbit trails and additions. We talk about a giant observation that’s not in Orlando, a Soarin’ ride that’s not at Epcot, something that is closing at Magic Kingdom which the theme park community all seems ok with, a future where Orlando might not be the top tourist destination, and how to properly build a good drainage ditch.

During the Main Event we go high-end when Jake gives a trip report from Discovery Cove and his VIP tours at Disneyland, UOR and USH. He also mentions some from his visit to San Francisco’s Walt Disney Family Museum, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and more.

Show Notes


Recording Date: Punch List: 9-13-15 | Main Event: 9-14-15

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Closing Music

The Punch List

Disneyland announces new $300 breakfast that allows you to eat on the Jungle Cruise’s African veldt and captain a Jungle Cruise boat.

WDW announces new dessert party that will take place on one of 7 Seas Lagoon’s double-decker ferry boats. Its only $99.

Now along with Magicbands Disney will ship you luggage tags when you book a hotel room at WDW 

China shuts down 153 factories so that Shanghai Disneyland can have blue skies

UAE could rival Orlando’s tourism numbers

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OTR – Ep 20 – Gennaweys Takeaway

On today’s special episode Kyle and Ken are joined by theme park historian and urban planner Sam Gennawey. He talks about his latest book. Then the guys geek out some chatting about urban planning at Disney World and around Central Florida. Sam tells some interesting stories that he uncovered while researching his books and gives his opinion on some local urban design topics including Celebration, Downtown Orlando’s renaissance and what he thinks it will take to make Downtown Disney a true success.  Ken keeps bringing up the fact that Disney World lacks any true non-bus, comprehensive transit system. Sam talks about how Universal took as much market share as they did and where he thinks the parks will go from here. The Punch List is shortened this week but still includes Ken and Kyle discussing Meg Crofton’s retirement announcement, WestGate’s new steak house plus the SunRail announcement to run a late night train.

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