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Ep 45 – Cali VIPs

Today we have a full house as all but two of the regular hosts join us in a Punch List full of rabbit trails and additions. We talk about a giant observation that’s not in Orlando, a Soarin’ ride that’s not at Epcot, something that is closing at Magic Kingdom which the theme park community all seems ok with, a future where Orlando might not be the top tourist destination, and how to properly build a good drainage ditch.

During the Main Event we go high-end when Jake gives a trip report from Discovery Cove and his VIP tours at Disneyland, UOR and USH. He also mentions some from his visit to San Francisco’s Walt Disney Family Museum, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and more.

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Recording Date: Punch List: 9-13-15 | Main Event: 9-14-15

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The Punch List

Disneyland announces new $300 breakfast that allows you to eat on the Jungle Cruise’s African veldt and captain a Jungle Cruise boat.

WDW announces new dessert party that will take place on one of 7 Seas Lagoon’s double-decker ferry boats. Its only $99.

Now along with Magicbands Disney will ship you luggage tags when you book a hotel room at WDW 

China shuts down 153 factories so that Shanghai Disneyland can have blue skies

UAE could rival Orlando’s tourism numbers

Dubai Parks & Resorts launches training program in Orlando

Morimoto Asia at DTD announces opening date and menu including a Dim Sum weekend brunch. Jock Lindsey’s opening Sept 22

Hair wraps and Ring Carver closing at MK

Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi 85% complete, next comes their “biggest and baddest” in Ft Lauderdale

Wet n Wild sues to stop drainage into the man-made lake

Jeff Bezos announces Cape Canaveral as his launching spot for Blue Origin

Kennedy Space Center Long Term Development Plans

  • The Saturn V Observation Tower will be 363 ft tall.

Local iconic sunscreen company Ocean Potion moving to Georgia, founder starting new sunscreen company here

Baby Gorilla dies at BGT

Murder/Suicide at OIA area Ramada Inn and Suites

Bok Tower Gardens suicide

CSI: The Experience is hosting a viewing party for the series finale

Artegon’s Cinemark gets $3 million of upgrades including extra-large seats

The podcast Ken was referring to was Avoid These Tourist Traps episode

Panama City’s Miracle Strip Observation Wheel

Fun Spot announces new hours, they now open at 2pm Mon-Thurs.

World of Chocolate


Porter Airlines announces service to Melbourne International Airport

Outpost Neighborhood Kitchen (in College Park, not Sanford)


Main Event

Discovery Cove

Lotte World’s Welcome Center

VIP Tours of Universal Studios Orlando | Hollywood

VIP Tours of WDW | Disneyland

Jake’s Psycho House tour

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Aquarium of the Bay

Walt Disney Family Museum | Jake’s trip report of the WDFM

JW Marriott opening at Anaheim’s GardenWalk


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