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Ep 46 – That Seven Year Saving The Island Itch

Today King Bob of the Save Pleasure Island blog stops by to talk Disney Springs, the 7th anniversary of the closure of Pleasure Island and the future of night life in Central Florida. The interview takes place on location at Disney Springs and part walking tour, part history lesson and part look at the future.

During the Punch List the crew talks about Blizzard Beach, Disney canning cover bands, Pop Century’s odd new menu, local celebrity sightings, downtown hotel towers, local roadside attractions and much more.

The show is flipped from the regular model with an extended Punch List and shorter Main Event but today’s show has even more news in it than usual.

Show Notes


The Punch List Music

The Main Event Music

Closing Song

Recording Dates- Punch List: 9-21-2015 | Main Event: 9-18-2015 at Disney Springs

The Punch List


News not covered on the podcast-

The Main Event


Happy Birthday to Indra and Luna today!


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